If you are interested in helping shape the direction of Springbank United Church, contact one of the members of the Leadership Team or the Church Office.

Leadership Team

Ten elected positions are held.  Half the Board are to be elected by the congregation each year at the Annual General Meeting for two-year terms.

Welcome Abigail, Lois and Ann to the board!

  1. Janice Lambert, Chair – 2 year term (expires 2019) – responsible for the focus and constitutional compliance
  2. Chris Hunt, Vice Chair – 1 year term (expires 2018)
  3. Audrey Waddell, Secretary, 2 year term (expires 2019)
  4. Bruce McLean, Treasurer (2 year term) & Presbytery Representative (2 year term) (expires 2019)
  5. Vacant, Chair, Outreach (2 year term).  Outreach Committee oversees 3 sub-committees: Community Liaison, Projects and Social Functions
  6. Linda McLean, Chair, Worship, 2 year term (expires 2019).  Workshop Committee is made up of coordinators and volunteers related to Worship, Sacraments, Music and Decorating
  7. Elaine Moses, Chair, Minister & Personnel (2 year term) (Expires 2019)
  8. Vacant, Fellowship (2 year term) Coordinators include volunteers for Welcoming /Greeting, Pastoral Care and Membership
  9. Vacant, Chair Stewardship, (2 year term) Stewardship Committee includes coordination of Finance (budgeting and fund raising), Stewardship (Mission & Service), Property (Church, House, Grounds, Cemetery) and Technology
  10. Vacant, Christian Development (2 year term) – Coordinators and volunteers for Nursery, Sunday School Youth and Adult programs such as UCW  / UCM
  11. Doug Powell, Minister or Presbytery Representative

Volunteers are needed to fulfill volunteer roles on the Board (must be members) as well as coordinators and volunteers for sub-committees.  Contact a member of the Leadership Team to express interest in volunteering.

Board of Trustees

  1. Clarence Buckley, Chair
  2. Elaine Moses
  3. Ian Galbraith
  4. Roy Burke