Our Vision

Love without Borders – to share God’s love with all whom we meet in our lives  – so no one is a stranger.

Our Mission

Nourished and strengthened we go forth to share God’s love.

Our Core Values

Spirituality: We seek to develop spiritually through worship and service, seeking justice and peace.

Love:  Based on the love of God as we understand it, revealed most personally in Jesus of Nazareth, we strive to live it.

Commitment: Our commitment is to provide an environment in which the work of the Christian Church can be nurtured.

Social Awareness: Our congregation actively supports and participates in social awareness and outreach.

Our Statement of Faith

As a congregation of the United Church of Canada, a part of God’s family, we the people of Springbank United Church believe the Spirit of God is at work in the world, mysteriously yet powerfully.

We are dedicated to the work of Jesus Christ in our world, which calls us to provide a place of worship and fellowship where all are welcome to share in the challenge of the Christian faith; to support the children of our faith community as they grow in grace; to offer opportunity of Christian faith formation for all people of all ages; and to create a community of caring, which will sustain us during life’s journey.