Barnwood Project

In the Spring of 2016, some members of the congregation were having a discussion, and it came to our attention that the local Arts & Crafts community were using old barnwood for picture frames, wood projects, building projects, etc. After exploring the “genuine barnwood” environment further, it was decided to approach local farmers/ranchers/landowners about this resource which is currently sitting in fields in various stages of decay and disrepair.

Our investigation revealed that current burning restrictions and prohibitive environmental dump costs were important factors. Our volunteer team completed a site/structure review and determined barnwood could be safely harvested and made available to the general public at a reasonable cost. In recognition of the donation of this resource by the farmers/ranchers and landowners the church is providing a tax receipt for the value of material sold off the various sites. The money received from this activity is being directed to various capital projects at the church, and local support groups.

This initiative is environmentally friendly, as it removes old structures (which could be a hazard), thus recycling the wood fiber for alternative use in the broader community while removing old nails/wire etc. from the sites as well.

Our inventory is ever changing as material is harvested and sold. We advertise via Kijiji (several related postings) and word of mouth, and greatly appreciate the growing support from the community at large.

  • shiplap (various widths and profiles)
  • rough cut (unplaned) lumber
  • planks including corral boards
  • 2 inch to 12 inch wide planed boards in various lengths
  • occasional old barn doors and windows and fence posts.

Ian Galbraith,
Barnwood Project Lead
Phone: (403) 630-3650