We are dedicated to the work of Jesus Christ in our world, which calls us to provide a place of worship and fellowship where all are welcome to share in the challenge of the Christian faith. We’re called to support the children of our faith community as they grow in grace, to offer opportunities for Christian faith formation for people of all ages, and to create a community of caring, which will sustain us during life’s journey.

As a congregation of The United Church of Canada, a part of the Church universal, there are four statements of faith that shape and inform our theology. From time to time, we have restated our faith to address changing contexts. The four statements below are all recognized equally as “doctrine subordinate to the primacy of Scripture.” One of the uniqueness’s of our denomination is that these faith statements are not held as “prescriptions” of what you must believe to belong to our church. Rather, they guide us as communities of faith in walking together on this journey of following Jesus.

The 20 Articles of Doctrine (1925)

Our theology was first expressed using 20 articles of doctrine in the Basis of Union.

Statement Of Faith (1960)

In 1940, a new statement was published as an amplification of what our church believes.

A New Creed

Our beloved creed is a brief affirmation of faith intended for use in worship.

A Song of Faith (2006)

Our most recent statement seeks to provide a narrative picture of our faith.